End of an Era

As this is my final day of freshman year of college. I think it appropriate to reflect so that I may grow as an individual. (No promises I won’t tear up while writing this!) This year not only have I had amazing technology and knowledge at my fingertips but I have also made connections with […]

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Tired of Being Afraid

I am TIRED of being afraid. I no longer want to be the one keeping myself from what is mine and mine alone. My future. I will no longer be a prisoner in my own mind. Always doubting my abilities and belittling my accomplishments. It won’t be easy but I know that I can achieve […]

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Counting Down

Well as there is only a month left in my first semester of college I believe now is a good time as any time thank the lucky stars that I made it through. I honestly have no idea how this was going to turn out. I thought that I was for sure going to let […]

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Being Back

  Back in Statesboro, back to the life that involved adulting and schoolwork and sticking to a schedule. I wouldn’t say that I am glad to be back. Leaving a new and fun place, with the sun, wind, a beach nearby, a store on every corner, and the freedom to do whatever we please whenever we […]

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Spring Break 2k18

Well, what can I say except that Spring Break was awesome sauce! Guess I will just start from the beginning. The beginning of the week was chill because it had not really been the start of my vacation. For Spring Break we, me and a group of us, decided we wanted to go out of […]

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Pizza and Tennis

    This was a good weekend. I got to spend some time with a good friend who I usually never spend one on one time with. Usually, we are in a group of four and sometimes five. But this day the rest of them were either too busy with school work or they were […]

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